Year One

Module Assignment: 00102-Construction Math

1. The number matching the words "two thousand, six hundred eighty-nine" is ___(Required)
2. A bricklayer lays 649 bricks the first day, 632 the second day, and 478 the third day. Without using a calculator, determine how many bricks the worker laid during the three-day period.(Required)
3. A supplier delivered a total of 1,478 feet of electrical cable for a job. Due to a delay, the electricians installed only 489 feet. Without using a calculator, determine how many feet of cable remain.(Required)
4. A worker has been asked to deliver 15 scaHolds to each of 26 different sites. Without using a calculator, determine how many scaffolds the worker will deliver.(Required)
5. An insulating company has 400 rolls of insulation that o:n1st be equally distributed to 5 different job sites. Without using a calculator, determine how many rolls of insulation will go to each site?(Required)
6. Which of the following fractions is an equivalent fraction for 3/8?(Required)
7. The lowest common denominator for the fractions 8/64 and 8/32 is ___(Required)
8. Perform the following calculation and reduce the answer to its lowest Term 3/8 + 9/16 = ____(Required)
9. Perform the following calculation and reduce the answer to its lowest term: 11/32 – 2/8=(Required)
10. Put the following decimals in order from smallest to largest: 0.402, 0.420, 0.042, 0.442(Required)
11. A worker applies two coatings to a pipe. The first coating is 51.5 nanometers thick, and the second coating is 89.7 nanometers thick. How thick is the combined coating?(Required)
12. 3.53 X 9.75= __(Required)
13. It costs a painting contractor $2.37 per square foot to paint a wall. What will it cost to paint an 864.5 square foot wall? Round to the nearest cent.(Required)
14. 89.435+0.05= _____(Required)
15. Without using a calculator, determine the decimal equivalent of 13.9% =(Required)
16. Without using a calculator, convert 14.75 to its equivalent fraction expressed in lowest terms.(Required)
17. A centimeter is 1/100 of a meter, while a kilometer is equal to 1000 meters.(Required)
18. To convert a·measurement in centimeters to meters, move the decimal point ___(Required)
19. Convert 67 inches to centimeters.(Required)
20. A pound of water weighs more than a kilogram of water.(Required)
21. Convert the weight of 49 ounces to grams.(Required)
22. Convert 15°F to Celsius.(Required)
23. The sum of the four angles in a rectangle is always 180°.(Required)
24. The mathematical constant pi is needed for calculating the area of a(Required)
25. Using a calculator, calculate the volume of a cylindrical tank that is 23 feet high with a radius of 6.25 feet. Round the answer to the nearest cubic foot.(Required)
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