Year One

Module Assignment: 00104-Power Tools

1. Pneumatic tools get their power from ____(Required)
2. When operating a power tool, it is important to always ____(Required)
3. Using a trigger lock to lock a tool's trigger in an On position ___(Required)
4. The most common use of the power drill is to ___(Required)
5. A masonry bit is able to drill into concrete and similar material be has a ___(Required)
6. An example of an electric power drill that is designed to be used in spaces is a(n) ___(Required)
7. The electromagnetic drill is a ___(Required)
8. Hammer drills are designed to drill into ___(Required)
9. Compared to a common drill, an impact driver has ___(Required)
10. A pneumatic impact wrench requires the use of ___(Required)
11. When cutting with a circular saw, grip the saw handles ___(Required)
12. The high-speed setting on a reciprocating saw is used for ___(Required)
13. Before using a reciprocating saw to cut through a wall or partition, always(Required)
14. When using a jigsaw, avoid vibration by(Required)
15. Use only a band saw that has a ___(Required)
16. A sliding compound miter saw has a rail that allows the blade to slide forward and backward, whid1 enables the saw to ___(Required)
17. The blade of an abrasive cutoff saw spins at such a high speed that ___(Required)
18. The end grinder is used to ___(Required)
19. A detail grinder smoothes and polishes intricate metallic work by us· attachments called ____(Required)
20. Powder-actuated fastening systems are used to ___(Required)
21. Porta-Power® cylinders are rated by how much weight they can lift(Required)
22. Hydraulic jacks are used when the application calls for ___(Required)
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