Year One

Module Assignment: 00106-Introduction to Basic Rigging

1. Identification tags for slings must include the ___(Required)
2. The type of wire rope core that is susceptible to heat damage at relatively low temperatures is the ___(Required)
3. Synthetic slings must be inspected ___(Required)
4. An alloy steel chain sling must be removed from service if there is evidence that ___(Required)
5. A piece of rigging hardware used to couple the end of a wire rope to eye fittings, hooks, or other connections is a(n) __(Required)
6. A lifting clamp is most likely to be used to move loads such as ___(Required)
7. Chain hoists are able to lift heavy loads by utilizing a ___(Required)
8. Before attempting to lift a load with a chain hoist, make sure that the(Required)
9. A hitch configuration that allows slings to be connected to the same load without using a spreader beam is a ___(Required)
10. To make the Emergency Stop signal that is used by riggers, extend both arms____(Required)