Year One

Module: 00107-Basic Communication Skills Assignment

Good communication on the job site ___(Required)
Nonverbal communication is best for communicating ___(Required)
Which of the following are examples of positive nonverbal communication?(Required)
Which of the following is an example of positive verbal communication on the job?(Required)
Real listening is ___(Required)
A co-worker asks you to hand her a tool, but does not specify which tool she needs. The most appropriate response would be: ___(Required)
A supervisor wants an apprentice to insert a plug into a water supply line for a pressure test. The clearest way to instruct the apprentice would be for the supervisor to say, ___(Required)
If you are in the middle of a task and you receive a personal phone call.(Required)
In the construction industry, a codebook provides ____(Required)
A reader that wants to find any mention of a certain topic in a book can look in the ___(Required)
Which is a typical example of an item a construction worker might read for work on a regular basis?(Required)
When you are looking for a specific installation procedure in a manual, the best way to find the information is to ___(Required)
Which of the following is one disadvantage to using email versus paper-based delivery?(Required)
Many of the rules that apply to writing paper-based documents also apply to ____(Required)
Text messages are best used for ___(Required)