Year One

Module: 00108-Basic Employability Skills Assignment

1. Someone who can vouch for your skills, experience, and work habits is called a(n) ____
2. One of the most important and productive methods to identify job opportunities is by ___
3. A common barrier to effective problem solvir:g includes ___
4. After putting a solution to a problem into effect, it is important to ___
5. Depending on the type of project and region of work, one of the most expensive components of a project is often ___
6. Positive or negative interactions affect ___
7. A person who works without constant supervision is showing ___
8. The process of solving disagreements between co-workers is called ___
9. Constructive criticism should not be given unless ___
10. A broad term identifying negative social behavior that can be based on race, age, disabilities, sex, religion, cultural issues, health, or language barriers is ___
11. Zero tolerance refers to an employer's policy regarding ___
12. Barbiturates typically cause a person to ___
13. When everyone in a group is focused on the final objective, it is called ___
14. To progress steadily through your career, you will need to develop and learn how to use ___
15. The three categories of leadership are hands-off, democratic, and ___
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