Year One

Module 00109 Basic Rigging Assignment

1. Loose gloves may get caught on moving objects, and they reduce(Required)
2. When lifting a load, keep the load ___(Required)
3. The area into which a load is being lowered should be treated as a(n)(Required)
4. How many inches should stacked bricks be tapered for every foot above­ four feet in the stack?(Required)
5. The proper way to get tools to a worker on a higher level is to ____(Required)
6. A knot that is NOT meant to be permanent is generally referred to as a(Required)
7. To help make sure the path is clear when your view is obstructed while handling materials, use a ___(Required)
8. Before using a hand truck, inspect the framework for ___(Required)
9. Roller skids for moving heavy equipment use rollers made of ___(Required)
10. Which of these devices requires two people to operate it?(Required)
11. Before a worker uses a motorized material handling device to move a load. the worker must consider the _____(Required)
12. Which of the following is a motorized material handling device?(Required)
13. An industrial forklift pivots on the front wheels and turns with the back wheels, which could cause a ___(Required)
14. When the sound of motorized lifting equipment makes verbal communication difficult, workers should use ___(Required)
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