Year One

Module Assignment: 18102- Introduction to Components and Systems

1. Which of the following is true regarding a deluge sprinkler system?(Required)
2. The UL product directory contains the names of companies that _____.(Required)
3. The frame arms must be parallel to the branch line in a(n) _____.(Required)
4. Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) is a type of _____.(Required)
5. The sprinkler shown in Figure RQ01 is an example of a(n) _____.(Required)
6. Steel piping may be used for general underground service if it is _____.(Required)
7. Techniques used to protect piping in a building during seismic activity include adequate clearance, four-way bracing, and _____.(Required)
8. The valve shown in Figure RQ03 is a type of _____.(Required)
9. A sprinkler with a nominal K-factor of 5.6 would require a minimum thread size of _____.(Required)
10. The roughness of the inside of a pipe is represented by the _____.(Required)
11. Sway bracing is used primarily to minimize pipe _____.(Required)
12. Sprinkler systems are required to be equipped with _____.(Required)
13. The hanger shown in Figure RQ02 is an example of a _____.(Required)
14. A sprinkler color coded with blue paint means that the sprinkler has a temperature classification of _____.(Required)
15. A sprinkler with a temperature rating of 175°F will have a glass bulb color that is _____.(Required)
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