Year One

Module Assignment: 18201-Hangers, Supports, and Restraints

Which is the most limited of all the support types?(Required)
2. A hanger rated at 600 pounds must be able to support _____.(Required)
3. Powder-driven studs cannot be used in _____.(Required)
4. To use a powder-actuated tool, you must have training and an operator’s card issued by _____.(Required)
5. Sprinkler piping is likely to be damaged by seismic activity because it is _____.(Required)
6. The minimum hanger rod size for a 6" pipe is _____.(Required)
7. A suitable backing material for firestopping is _____.(Required)
8. The minimum diameter mild steel rod permitted with powder-driven fasteners is _____.(Required)
9. Where seismic protection is required, the nominal clearance around a 4" pipe extending through a wall,floor, platform, or foundation must be ____(Required)
10. A trapeze hanger is designed to _____.(Required)
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