Year One

Module Assignment: 18204-Shop Drawing

1. The drawings that typically contain the most information for the sprinkler system layout are the _____.(Required)
2. To determine roof contours and floor levels, refer to the _____(Required)
3. A drawing title block typically contains the _____.(Required)
4. Diffuser locations can be found in the _____.(Required)
5. In a drawing package, information on how pipe lengths are dimensioned is found in the _____.(Required)

Fig RQ01

6. What is the size of the sprinkler piping shown in the bedroom in Figure RQ01?(Required)
7. All of the sprinklers shown in Figure RQ01 are most likely to be _____.(Required)
8. In Figure RQ01, what is the distance between sprinklers in the living room?(Required)
9. How many sprinklers will be installed in the area shown in Figure RQ01?(Required)
10. When numbered notes are assigned to associated numbers on a drawing, they are called _____.(Required)
11. When sprigs and drops are depicted on a plan, the length of vertical pipe is typically shown _____.(Required)
12. When a necessary dimension is missing from a shop drawing, the fitter should _____.(Required)
13. The lead time required when ordering system components can be accounted for in BIM _____.(Required)
14. As-built drawings are marked up on the original drawings by the _____.(Required)
15. The ultimate reference point for all construction dimensions is the _____.(Required)
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