Year One

Module Assignment: 18104-CPVC Pipe and Fittings

1. If a pipe end shows any cracking after cutting, _____.(Required)
2. Which of the following is correct regarding the painting of CPVC?(Required)
3. CPVC pipe and fittings have a required minimum quick-burst strength of 5 times the rated pressure or_____.(Required)
4. The minimum test pressure for a sprinkler system with a system operating pressure of 175 psi is _____.(Required)
5. Which of the following prevents both transverse (lateral) movement and vertical movement of a pipe?(Required)
6. All diameters of SDR 13.5 pipe have the same pressure-bearing capability of _____.(Required)
7. Which of the following is true regarding CPVC pipe?(Required)
8. The maximum in-line support spacing for 11/2" CPVC pipe operating at less than 100 psi is _____.(Required)
9. The number of joints that can be made on 1" pipe using a quart of one-step solvent-cement is _____.(Required)
10. Because the solvent-cement joining process is a chemical reaction, _____.(Required)
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